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ABOUT US The first brand of outdoor supplies creative development of China.

SHENZHEN KEAN SILICONE PRODUCT CO., LTD was established on the 8th February 2006.
We specialize in new silicone products. We aim to offer the most healthy, environmental, convenient and stylish silicone products in the world.
Today, we have developed a well-established R&D system for integrated production and marketing.
In recent years, we have recruited and trained many professional and technical staff, some concentrate on silicone outdoor and travel products and also household articles; others focus on silicone baby teething products.
All of our products are 100% developed by ourselves, and we own the intellectual property. We sell our products independently, but we also welcome OEM/ODM.
We are a new factory with internet thought. Innovation is our mission. This makes us a leading company in new-concept silicone products.
We have several international patents for our silicone water bottles and silicone travel bottles.
Our brand names “KEAN” & “MyFriday” already have great reputations around the world in the silicone products industry.
We always value our management ideas, and are fastidious about quality, cooperation and win-win business.
“Customer First” is our customer service principle. We are looking forward to working with you.

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Company brand: KEAN and MyFriday

kean silicone

When Kean was built in 2006, we hoped to apply high technology to the manufacture of safe products.
In the beginning when the factory was established there were just 4 people: 3 partners and 1 employee.
Our founder Eric knew that silicone as a material, has some huge advantages. The team worked hard, wanting to bring safe, healthy products to the market.
We want people to enjoy life with our products!
Time runs fast, we are always under pressure,  the “Kean People” work
hard together, with passion and enthusiasm. Our products have had lots of
positive feedback. People love our products, because of the high quality and the
creative ideas!
The dream is never too far away, and we are on our way! To make great
products designed to give you a better life.
Working at Kean, feels like you are in your twenties again, with all the young
people and new ideas. It is a very energetic, hard-working place. We never give
up no matter how hard a problem is. Change happens every day. “Kean people”
work hard to get better and better.
Eric hopes we will always be focussed on developing new products and improving quality. We will build a great platform and share the best of life with you: ”Kean People” and our consumers together!


Friday is everyone’s favourite day of the week!
Kean Silicone Product Co., Ltd. integrates the Friday spirit into its brand “MyFriday”.
We believe “MyFriday” outdoor products will become your best friend in all your travels.
We focus on developing outdoor products,baby products and have created our own brand range.
“KEAN is a leading manufacturer and supplier specializing in silicone product design, creation and manufacture”.