How to prevent COVID-19 in 2020

At present, the epidemic situation around the world is very serious. Many customers of KEAN Silicone belong to the epidemic countries. This makes KEAN  very worried, so I have summarized some methods often used in Wuhan and hope to help everyone.

COVID-19 epidemic high period, I am in Wuhan, how to avoid being infected?

1. We can use 75% alcohol-based and hand sanitizer spray to help stop the COVID-19

1.Avoid crowded public places.Avoid contact with patients with febrile respiratory tract infection and wear a mask if necessary.

2.Wash your hands often.Especially when the hand is contaminated by respiratory secretions, after touching public facilities, after caring.

3.Don't spit everywhere.Cover mouth and nose with tissue or elbow when sneezing or coughing.

4. Exercise more, keep regular hours, and keep the air circulating inside.

5. Wash hands with soap and water when hands are dirty.

Wash hands with soap and water,or hand sanitizer with alcohol when hands are not too dirty.

6. Protect one's health

Dont touch patients and livestock or wild animals without protection(including spit in public,touch eyes,nose or mouth) .

7. Below methods help keep healthy when shopping at fresh market :

Wash hands with soap and water during and after touching animals.

Dont touch eyes,nose and mouth.

Dont touch sick animals and metamorphic meat.

Dont touch homeless animals and waste water in market.

Above all, go out less,Wear a N95 mask or Medical Surgical Disposable .