Are there any differences between silicone dishwashing gloves and plastic gloves?

Plastic dishwashing gloves

Plastic dishwashing gloves:

1. Scald easily;
2. Stick oil, , not heat-resistant;
3. Have strong odors;
4. Not safe, have plasticizer;
5. No wash scrubber.

Silicone dishwashing gloves

Silicone dishwashing gloves:

1. Silicone dishwashing gloves with two-sided wash scrubber, only one suits two hands, farewell to dishwashing brush.

2. Non-Stick oil, High temperature resistance 250 ℃;

3. The silicone dishwashing gloves material is sofe and fells comfortable;

4. Silicone dishwashing gloves, environmental protection concept, practical strong;
5. Not easily scald;

6. No smell;

7. Safe, No plasticizer;

8. Silicone dishwashing gloves are good toughness, not easy to tear, can be reused many times easy to clean.

9. Can disinfect with oven, microwave or f boiling water.

10. FDA, LFGB, BPA Free certificates.