how to clean silicone travel bottles

1. selection of brushes. Silicone travel bottles are soft and elastic, and the hardness is not high. When cleaning, use a sponge brush or a cotton cloth. Before use, wash them thoroughly with water and disinfect them with a sterilizer or boiling water for no more than 5 minutes.

2. Disassembly and cleaning. It is very convenient to disassemble all the silicone travel bottles, and to clean all parts, it is very clean.

3, the choice of cleaning agents. For cleaning silicone travel bottles, use a natural, odorless, colorless bottle cleaner. Because silica gel is a polymer material, it has strong adsorption. If a colored lotion is used, it will cause the silica gel to color and affect its appearance. After each use of the silicone travel bottle, first wash it thoroughly with water and then brush it, then put it in a pot and cook it, and then disinfect it.