Silicone travel bottle difference between plastic travel bottles?

Recently, the silicone travel bottle on the market, there are a lot of people don't know what silicone travel bottle is used for?

What is the silicone travel bottle difference between plastic travel bottle?  

Silicone, presumably everyone not unfamiliar, it silicon raw materials come from rock to refine a kind of material.   environmental quality grade silicone  (SGS/RoHS), food grade silicone (FDA/LFGB), medical grade silicone (grade USP6 / IOS10993) three levels.

Silicone travel bottle is suitable for outdoor sports, travel, it can direct the daily toiletries: shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, hand cream, BB cream inside the liquid directly into the small bottle, so that you can get rid of when out of town to take big, small wash cosmetics into the suitcase.

Silicone travel bottle the biggest difference with plastic travel bottle is that the Silicone travel bottle no pungent flavor, can be folded, extrusion, casually drop will not appear any quality problem.

And Silicone travel bottle belongs to don't flammable items.

But plastic travel bottles, second extrusion easily cracked or broken.