100 of the most beautiful places in the world - The Himalayas

"The third pole of the world", "the roof of the world" reputation now is widely known in the world, such as the Himalayas for its magnificent ying and strong vitality, and the high above the clouds, overlooking the earth, not afraid to waste days old.Mysterious, magical and purity, quiet, add these beautiful words in the Himalayas, who would disagree?

The Himalayas (Sanskrit: hima alaya, meaning snow area), Tibetan refers to "the home of snow".Lie in the south top edge of the qinghai-tibet plateau, is the world's highest mountains, there are more than 110 peaks up to or more than 7350 meters above sea level.Are natural JieShan mainland and south Asian subcontinent, east Asia and China and India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and other countries of the natural borders, west on the south of Kashmir - parr bart peak (8125 meters above sea level), east to the Brahmaputra waters turning namjagbarwa (elevation 7782 meters), the total length of 2450 km, 200 ~ 350 km wide.Main is the world's highest peak mount Everest (also known as mount Everest, Tibetan name, Qomolangma), is the third goddess of Tibetan language, up to 8844.43 meters above sea level, it contains many parallel mountains, from south to north has tin Bavarian mountains and the Himalayas, the Himalayas, etc, the ultra high mountains here more than 7000 meters above have more than 40, more than 8000 meters and more than 16.If the high mountains around the world next to ratio, the Himalayas and Wan Shanzhi king is well-deserved.