Silicone baby spoon

Silicone baby spoon

Price: 0.96 USD
MOQ: 100 pcs       Lead Time: 3-7 workdays
Certificates: FDA
Payment Terms: PayPal,TT,Western union or other
OEM/ODM: Welcome       Packing: OPP, PVC bag or customized packaging
Color: Blue, Pink
Product Details
Type: TB4       Specification: 2ml       Material: Food grade silicone
Weight: 31g       Size: 99 mm * 67 mm * 55 mm
KEAN's newly developed silicone baby spoon in May 2020, this new design brings a new experience.
The baby's silicone spoon can pass the throat test backwards and forwards, so the spoon won't go down the throat and protect the baby in all directions.

baby feeding spoon, baby self  feeding spoon

baby feeding spoon

For babies under 3 years of age, can be used as a spoon or baby teething toys.

The closed curved handle of the spoon is designed for babies to grasp better and not slide easily.

The standing design allows the spoon to stand smoothly on a flat surface.

Made of food-grade organosilicon, it is very suitable for infants, can be high-temperature disinfection, safe and reliable.

baby self  feeding spoon

Silicone baby spoon

Silicone spoon

Safe spoon

Silicone baby spoon wholesale

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